Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1. Is the degree obtained from the Distance mode will be accepted in the professional field?
Ans.: Yes, the degree obtained from distance mode is at par with that of regular mode education according to the UGC.

Q.2. What is the examination modes of ODL system?
Ans.: The examination is held in pen paper mode at the specified examination centres of DDE. The term end examination is held annually.

Q.3. When I can take the admission in ODL Courses?
Ans.: Admission in ODL programmes is held usually during July-August for the academic Session July and January-February for the Academic Session January as per the guideline of UGC.

Q.4. How can one take the admission in DDE programmes?
Ans.: The admission in the ODL courses is fully online based system. Please visit DDE website and click on Admission link where you can get all the requisite information like programmes, eligibility, Study Centres, seat capacity, fees structure etc.

Q.5. How shall I get the refund of the admission fees after cancellation of my admission?
And.: If a student applies to the DDE authority of Vidyasagar University for cancellation of admission within 20 days from the date of admission, twenty five percent (25%) of the total fees will be deducted as processing fee and the rest will be refunded. Withdrawal from the programme after 20 days no refund of fees will be admissible.

Q.6. Is the Migration Certificate is required for the other Universities at the time of admission?
Ans. : No migration certificate is required during the admission.

Q.7. What is the procedure of the re-admission for the failed or absent candidates?
Ans.: A candidate who cannot sit for an examination either at Part-I or Part-II for non-fulfilment of the requirements, such as attending PCP, securing qualifying marks in Part-I Examinations or any other reasons (i.e., illness/non-appearing at a examination etc.) is entitled to renew his/her studentship by filling-in an appropriate form prepared for this purpose and depositing required fees in this regard. The candidate shall have to fulfil all the criteria afresh in the year of renewal without reference to the performance of previous year. For M. A. / M. Sc. / M. Com. a candidate shall get two chances of renewal, thus there may be three consecutive chances in all for either Part I or Part II Examination.

Q.8.When the classes are held?
Ans.: Classes are called Personal Contact Programme (PCP) in ODL mode. PCPs are organized to provide the students an opportunity of interaction with leading experts in the subject who gives counselling and advice rather than classroom lectures. Each student are excepted to attend at least 60% of the PCPs. Exemption may be sought on medical grounds alone supported by a valid certificate submitted before the end of the programme. The schedules of the PCPs are informed to the students by notifying in the website as well as by sending SMSs to the registered students.

Q.9. What is the Review Rule?
Ans.: Re-examination/Review of answer papers in theory papers only excluding any full paper/part thereof on practical or oral or internal assessment of field work may be carried out in accordance with the following procedure.
a) A candidate who has not secured the qualifying marks will have the option of getting his/her answer scripts re-examined in not more than 50% of the half/full theory papers provided he/she has obtained 40% or more marks in the aggregate excluding the papers in which re-examination is sought.
b) A successful candidate of Part-I / Part-II of M.A./M.Com./M. Sc. may also be permitted to apply for re-examination of his/her answer scripts in not more than 50% of the full/half theory papers provided he/she has secured 40% or more marks in aggregate excluding the papers in which re-examination is desired.
c) All  eligible  candidates   should  apply  to  the  Controller   of Examinations   for re-examination / review    for his/her  answer  scripts  within   40 days on and from   the date     of   publication    of  results  with   requisite   fees  as prescribed   by the authority.    Fees for re-examination/review, once paid, will  not  be refunded   under any     circumstances.


Q.10. Is there any e-Copy of study materials available to the students?
Ans.: Yes, the students can download the e-SLM (Electronic Self-Learning Material) with his / her credential after getting admitted.