Online Admit Card Generation System

It is highly recommended that you use Google Chrome while using this Web Application. If you don't have Google Chrome installed in your computer, you can download it from here for free.


   Step 1: Select your subject from the following drop down menu.

   Step 2: Enter your Roll exactly as it is written on your roll in the box named as Roll.

   Step 3: Enter your No. exactly as it is written on your Identity cum Enrollment Card in the box named as No.

   Step 4: Click on "Submit".

   Step 5: If your entries are correct and your information is available in the database, you will see your Admit Card on the screen.

   Step 6: Ensure that your name, your parent's name and your photo is correct. If it is, then click on "Print" to get a print out of your Admit Card..

   Step 7: If there is any problem then mail to .

   Step 8: Keep checking your e-mail everyday till you get the feedback. Generally you will be contacted within next 48 hours.